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Making a Difference with Heart and Intellect

HI signifies Heart and Intellect, a revolutionary approach merging emotional connection with intelligent solutions. This synergy transforms parenting in the digital age, bridging generational gaps and redefining motivation. It’s more than an app; it’s a transformative experience, connecting hearts and minds in the digital realm.

Behind the scenes

Lian Pham

Digital Parenting Visionary
The ingenious mind shaping the future of digital parenting. With a passion for bridging the gap between generations, she's the heart and soul behind HI. Lian's visionary approach blends emotional connection and intelligent solutions, ensuring families stay united and motivated in the digital age.

Joshua Johnson

Metaverse Expert Extraordinaire
Our resident metaverse expert. With a deep understanding of virtual realms, he infuses HI with expertise that resonates in the digital world. Joshua's insights enrich the app, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the dynamic landscape of online gaming and virtual experiences.

Maarten Ectors

Multi-Award Winning Tech Innovator - Co Founder
The driving force behind HI's technological brilliance. A multi-award-winning innovator in technology and AI, Maarten adds the magic touch to HI, making it a cutting-edge solution for modern families. His expertise ensures that HI remains at the forefront of innovation, providing families with an unparalleled digital experience.
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