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In-Game Token & Virtual Collectibles

Our app integrates with popular Roblox games that allow players to earn their favorite virtual collectibles & in-game tokens -through real-life achievements. This innovative approach motivates children and aligns their virtual and real-world experiences.

Insightful Monitoring for Informed Parenting

Gain deep insights into their online activities, ensuring that their screen time is not just engaging but also educational. With the ability to monitor their usage time on platforms like Khan Academy and various other learning applications, you can accurately reward their learning.

Interactive Virtual Assistant
Meet your AI partner, guide you through challenges, suggest tailored solutions, and recommend activities within your child's favorite games. Engage via voice commands or chat for a seamless experience.
Personalized Kid Insights
HI delves into your child's gaming world, understanding their interests, favorite activities, and preferred brands. Our AI-powered insights create a tailored experience that resonates with their passions.
Customize skills

With just a few clicks, you can tailor your value point system to each child's achievements, making the process of incentivizing and acknowledging their efforts as easy as can be.

Unveiling Heart's Desires

Insights that
Fuel Motivation

The Top Wishlist is expertly curated for each child, ensuring personalized recommendations based on their gaming interests.

Kid's Favorites section showcases their favorite collectibles, branded goodies, and in-game tokens, providing parents with an easy and intuitive selection process.

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A comprehensive record of your conversations with Hi, designed to seamlessly support co-parenting efforts.

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Pricing Plans

Affordable pricing plans for all families



Start your HI journey with the Basic subscription, offering essential tools to enhance family connections. Enjoy features like personalized rewards for your child's achievements and AI-driven insights to foster meaningful interactions.



Experience the full potential of HI with the Premium subscription. Enjoy all the features of Basic and Pro, along with exclusive benefits. Get access to advanced customization options, additional storage, and priority support. Strengthen your family bonds and connect like never before.

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